Bottega del Vino Crystal Decanter America

Bottega del Vino Crystal Decanter America

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The Decanter America was designed by a Sommelier and is ideal for many uses. It is heavily footed for stability does not take up much room on the table. The squeezed neck allows a secure grip, even with moisture present. Pouring wine into the decanter against the raised side of the opening quickly aerates the wine. Serve from the lower side of the beveled spout.

  • Elegantly handmade serving the upper market
  • Durable and dishwasher safe
  • Comparable in weight, balance and clarity to the Sommelier series for substantially less cost

  • Bottega del Vino Wine Glasses can be found in many taverns, pubs, and upscale restaurants in Europe and the USA. The wine glasses are so durable that they can be handled like how the waiter in the pictures did, without fearing that they may break given that these items are normally very fragile.


    Height: 13"
    Capacity: 750 ml.


    The proprietary crystal formulation ensures that although your Bottega del Vino Crystal stems are a miracle of lightness and balance, they are not fragile. The safest way to wash them is in the dishwasher. After brushing away any heavy deposits such as lipstick, put them in the dishwasher, set to the shortest cycle. Detergent is not necessary but if you prefer to use it, do so sparingly. After the wash cycle, let the drying time run for a few minutes and remove the steamed stems, one by one, finishing them by wiping the steam away using a lint free towel in each hand. Dry and polish the bowl first, then move up the stem and finish the base. Never twist the base and bowl in opposite directions.