Aubusson Pillows - Magnolia (20" x 20")
Aubusson Pillow

Aubusson Pillows - Magnolia (20" x 20")

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Aubusson Decorative Throw Pillows

The name Aubusson is originally from the name of a town in France which was well known for its fine flat hand weaving tapestries. Today, any tapestries that use this method of weaving become know as Aubusson, notably the Aubusson decorative pillows.

Our Aubusson decorative pillows are hand-made by fine talented artisans, spending weeks in completing each pillow. All pillows are unique as these are individually weaved by different artisans. A pillow like this can become a heirloom handed down generation to generation.

Our Aubusson decorative pillows come in many different designs and themes for any home decor and settings, giving you the fine finishing touch to your home accents.

Unlike many Aubusson pillows out there in the market, all our Aubusson pillows are filled with feather to give them that high quality feel and finish.

Dimensions: 20”x20”
Pillow Insert: Feather

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