What are High Performance Fabrics?

High performance fabrics are normally refer to fabrics that can be used for outdoor applications such as outdoor furniture cushions, curtains, or umbrella canopies. They can also be used for indoor applications such as sofa and chair upholstery, bed covers, and shower curtains. Throw pillows and bolsters made from these fabrics are durable and elegant. For high performance fabrics, the color pigments are fully blended into the fiber. They are UV-resistant and water repellent; they do not fade under sun, sea, and snow, and maintain the softness of spun cotton. Mildew cannot grow on them and they can be cleaned easily. Currently there are many indoor outdoor upholstery fabrics in the market. At Garden2Home, we carry the brand names Sunbrella, Outdura and David Rothchild. Our high performance fabrics come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and texture and we sell them by the yard.