Preserved Palm Double Aloe (6 ft - 12 ft Tall)
Preserved Palm Double Aloe (6 ft - 12 ft Tall)

Preserved Palm Double Aloe (6 ft - 12 ft Tall)

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Bring the tropics into your room. If you have ever tried to maintain palm trees indoor, you will know how difficult it is to keep it alive, let alone looking good. Palm trees thrive outdoors, but once indoor, they simply just wilt. Now we have a solution for you to maintain that tropical look without the work.

The unique preservation of this tree will enable it to maintain its natural feel, color and shape. This tree is completely maintenance free, requiring no water, sunlight or soil.

  • No maintenance
  • No soil
  • No watering
  • No sunlight
  • No trimming
  • No green thumb
  • Lives and lasts forever ... forever green

  • Container not included. Shown in optional planter pot


    Item - Width, Depth, Height, Weight
    APT068DBL 6ft/8ft Double Aloe Palm - 80", 60", 96", 90 lb
    APT079DBL 7ft/9ft Double Aloe Palm - 80", 60", 108", 100 lb
    APT810DBL 8ft/8ft Double Aloe Palm - 100", 70", 120", 120 lb
    APT911DBL 9ft/11ft Double Aloe Palm- 100", 70", 132", 135 lb
    APT112DBL 10ft/12ft Double Aloe Palm- 100", 70", 144", 150 lb

    Larger sizes available. Please call.

    (All measurements are approximate only)

    Please note that preserved plants are delicate and should be placed indoor or under covered areas only. Please also note that these plants are real plants and slight variations in heights and sizes, and some imperfections are to be expected and are not considered as defects. Prolong exposure to the elements will contribute to the browning and shedding of leaves and branches of the plants, and will not be acceptable for replacement.

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