About Sunbrella® Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

Sunbrella® fabrics are manufactured by Glen Raven, Inc. headquartered in Glen Raven, North Carolina. Sunbrella® is the result of over 45 years of ongoing research and development. Sunbrella's UV-resistant color pigments are fully blended into its high performance fiber. Sunbrella® fabric's strength and color refuses to fade even under the harshest conditions, while retaining the softness of spun cotton. Sunbrella® furniture fabrics are designed to be breathable and water repellent. They do not absorb water and are designed to air-dry very quickly - usually within a matter of minutes.

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Heritage Alpaca

18000 Heritage Alpaca

Heritage Ashe

18001 Heritage Ashe

Heritage Garnet

18003 Heritage Garnet

Heritage Granite

18004 Heritage Granite

Heritage Mink

18005 Heritage Mink

Heritage Papyrus

18006 Heritage Papyrus

Heritage Pumpkin

18007 Heritage Pumpkin

Heritage Wheat

18008 Heritage Wheat

Heritage Char

18009 Heritage Char

Heritage Denim

18010 Heritage Denim

Heritage Leaf

18011 Heritage Leaf

Heritage Moss

18012 Heritage Moss

Kamal Chestnut

30503-0000 Kamal Chestnut

Sailcloth Shell

32000-0000 Sailcloth Shell

Sailcloth Sand

32000-0002 Sailcloth Sand

Sailcloth Shore

32000-0003 Sailcloth Shore

Sailcloth Suntan

32000-0007 Sailcloth Suntan

Sailcloth Sahara

32000-0016 Sailcloth Sahara

Sailcloth Sienna

32000-0017 Sailcloth Sienna

Sailcloth Salt

32000-0018 Sailcloth Salt

Sailcloth Spice

32000-0019 Sailcloth Spice

Sailcloth Soleil

32000-0021 Sailcloth Soleil

Sailcloth Seagull

32000-0023 Sailcloth Seagull

Sailcloth Sisal

32000-0024 Sailcloth Sisal

Sailor Salt

32004 Sailor Salt

Sailor Sahara

32005 Sailor Sahara

Sailor Sand

32006 Sailor Sand

Solana Strand

32007 Solana Strand

Solana Seagull

32008 Solana Seagull

Trax Willow

40046-0003 Trax Willow

Bubble Nautical

40107-0011 Bubble Nautical

Wyoming Redwood

40155 Wyoming Redwood

Botticelli Harvest

40203-0001 Botticelli Harvest

Watson Latte

40205-0000 Watson Latte

Watson Espresso

40205-0001 Watson Espresso

Watson Dove

40205-0002 Watson Dove

Strata Oyster

40245-0003 Strata Oyster

Strata Vellum

40245-0004 Strata Vellum

Strata Wren

40245-0005 Strata Wren

Strata Linden

40245-0007 Strata Linden

Strata Cashew

40245-0008 Strata Cashew

Bangle Surfside

40247-0002 Bangle Surfside

Bangle Adobe

40247-0004 Bangle Adobe

Forsyth Cornsilk

41010-0004 Forsyth Cornsilk

Forsyth Parchment

41010-0005 Forsyth Parchment

Canyon Wren

42006-0002 Canyon Wren

Canyon Vellum

42006-0004 Canyon Vellum

Canyon Wheat

42006-0005 Canyon Wheat

Canyon Cocoa

42006-0006 Canyon Cocoa

Canyon Walnut

42006-0007 Canyon Walnut

Canyon Spring

42006-0009 Canyon Spring

Canyon Curry

42006-0011 Canyon Curry

Canyon Antique

42006-0012 Canyon Antique

Francois Teak

42033-0003 Francois Teak

Francois Redwood

42033-0005 Francois Redwood

Francois Barley

42033-0008 Francois Barley

Francois Parchment

42033-0009 Francois Parchment

Reel Slate

42034-0000 Reel Slate

Reel Parchment

42034-0004 Reel Parchment

Cannes Flax

42035-0000 Cannes Flax

Cannes Parchment

42035-0005 Cannes Parchment

Cannes Oyster

42035-0009 Cannes Oyster

Mainstreet Wren

42048-0005 Mainstreet Wren

Mainstreet Latte

42048-0009 Mainstreet Latte

Sasian Rice

44036-0000 Sasian Rice

Sasian Papyrus

44036-0002 Sasian Papyrus

Sasian Green Tea

44036-0003 Sasian Green Tea

Simone Rocco

44036-0004 Sasian Sesame

Sasian Ginger

44036-0005 Sasian Ginger

Opulence Seascape

44064-0000 Opulence Seascape

Opulence Carnival

44064-0001 Opulence Carnival

Opulence Forest

44064-0005 Opulence Forest

Limbo Parakeet

44075-0003 Limbo Parakeet

Timbuktu Sand

44088-0002 Timbuktu Sand

Timbuktu Charcoal

44088-0004 Timbuktu Charcoal

Angela Dune

44095-0000 Angela Dune

Angela Slate

44095-0001 Angela Slate

Angela Parchment

44095-0005 Angela Parchment

Holmes Latte

44098-0001 Holmes Latte

Holmes Cocoa

44098-0002 Holmes Cocoa

Holmes Flannel

44098-0003 Holmes Flannel

Lorenzo Slate

44100-0013 Lorenzo Slate

Mojito Coffee Bean

45184-0004 Mojito Coffee Bean

Confetti Flame

45306-0001 Confetti Flame

Confetti Twilight

45306-0004 Confetti Twilight

Newbury Sunset

45399 Newbury Sunset

Rae Marie Sunset

45418 Rae Marie Sunset

Blox Slate

45542 Blox Slate

Mankala Teak

45701-0001 Mankala Teak

Mankala Dusk

45701-0007 Mankala Dusk

El Greco Calypso

45706-0000 El Greco Calypso

El Greco Avocado

45706-0001 El Greco Avocado

Mesmerize Oak

45742-0003 Mesmerize Oak

Coventry Gourd

70007-0001 Coventry Gourd

Coventry Bronze

70007-0003 Coventry Bronze

Pango Cream

73012-0000 Pango Cream

Pango Wren

73012-0003 Pango Wren


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