About Sunbrella® Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

Sunbrella® fabrics are manufactured by Glen Raven, Inc. headquartered in Glen Raven, North Carolina. Sunbrella® is the result of over 45 years of ongoing research and development. Sunbrella's UV-resistant color pigments are fully blended into its high performance fiber. Sunbrella® fabric's strength and color refuses to fade even under the harshest conditions, while retaining the softness of spun cotton. Sunbrella® furniture fabrics are designed to be breathable and water repellent. They do not absorb water and are designed to air-dry very quickly - usually within a matter of minutes.

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Shadow Snow

51000-0000 Shadow Snow

Shadow Sand

51000-0001 Shadow Sand

Shadow Honey

51000-0002 Shadow Honey

Shadow Antique Beige

51000-0004 Shadow Antique Beige

Shadow Wren

51000-0005 Shadow Wren

Shadow Indigo

51000-0012 Shadow Indigo

Shadow Charcoal

51000-0013 Shadow Charcoal

Shadow Wheat

51000-0015 Shadow Wheat

Shadow Pumpkin

51000-0016 Shadow Pumpkin

Shadow Tawny

51000-0017 Shadow Tawny

Shadow Bay Brown

51000-0019 Shadow Bay Brown

Canvas Pacific Blue

5401 Canvas Pacific Blue

Canvas Granite

5402 Canvas Granite

Canvas Jockey Red

5403 Canvas Jockey Red

Canvas Natural

5404 Canvas Natural

Canvas Parrot

5405 Canvas Parrot

Canvas Tangerine

5406 Canvas Tangerine

Canvas Henna

5407 Canvas Henna

Canvas Black

5408 Canvas Black

Canvas Brick

5409 Canvas Brick

Canvas Air Blue

5410 Canvas Air Blue

Canvas Maize

5412 Canvas Maize

Canvas Spa

5413 Canvas Spa

Canvas Wheat

5414 Canvas Wheat

Canvas Melon

5415 Canvas Melon

Canvas Aruba

5416 Canvas Aruba

Canvas Tuscan

5417 Canvas Tuscan

Canvas Celadon

5419 Canvas Celadon

Canvas Mineral Blue

5420 Canvas Mineral Blue

Canvas Palm

5421 Canvas Palm

Canvas Antique Beige

5422 Canvas Antique Beige

Canvas Sky Blue

5424 Canvas Sky Blue

Canvas Cocoa

5425 Canvas Cocoa

Canvas Capri

5426 Canvas Capri

Canvas Coral

5427 Canvas Coral

Canvas Glacier

5428 Canvas Glacier

Canvas Macaw

5429 Canvas Macaw

Canvas Bay Brown

5432 Canvas Bay Brown

Canvas Corn Silk

5435 Canvas Corn Silk

Canvas Burgundy

5436 Canvas Burgundy

Canvas Buttercup

5438 Canvas Buttercup

Canvas Navy

5439 Canvas Navy

Canvas Terracotta

5440 Canvas Terracotta

Canvas Forest Green

5446 Canvas Forest Green

Canvas Turf

5447 Canvas Turf

Canvas Cork

5448 Canvas Cork

Canvas Paprika

5451 Canvas Paprika

Canvas Sapphire Blue

5452 Canvas Sapphire Blue

Canvas Canvas

5453 Canvas Canvas

Canvas Linden

5455 Canvas Linden

Canvas Teal

5456 Canvas Teal

Canvas Sunflower Yellow

5457 Canvas SunFlower Yellow

Canvas Taupe

5461 Canvas Taupe

Canvas Hot Pink

5462 Canvas Hot Pink

Canvas Camel

5468 Canvas Camel

Canvas Walnut

5470 Canvas Walnut

Canvas Raven Black

5471 Canvas Raven Black

Canvas Bird's Eye Canvas

5472 Canvas Bird's Eye Canvas

Canvas Stone Green

5473 Canvas Stone Green

Canvas Heather Beige

5476 Canvas Heather Beige

Canvas Logo Red

5477 Canvas Logo Red

Canvas Brass

5484 Canvas Brass

Canvas Fern

5487 Canvas Fern

Canvas Teak

5488 Canvas Teak

Canvas Coal

5489 Canvas Coal

Canvas Dusk

5491 Canvas Dusk

Canvas Flax

5492 Canvas Flax

Canvas Vellum

5498 Canvas Vellum

Canvas True Blue

5499 Canvas True Blue

Canvas Rust

54010 Canvas Rust

Canvas Ginkgo

54011 Canvas Ginkgo

Canvas Charcoal

54048 Canvas Charcoal

Linen Champagne

8300 Linen Champagne

Linen Basil

8301 Linen Basil

Linen Natural

8304 Linen Natural

Linen Chilli

8306 Linen Chilli

Linen Straw

8314 Linen Straw

Linen Pampas

8317 Linen Pampas

Linen Sesame

8318 Linen Sesame

Linen Stone

8319 Linen Stone

Linen Antique Beige

8322 Linen Antique Beige

Linen Silver

8351 Linen Silver

Linen Canvas

8353 Linen Canvas

Linen Taupe

8374 Linen Taupe

Sunbrella Spectrum Eggshell

48018 Spectrum Eggshell

Spectrum Sand

48019 Spectrum Sand

Spectrum Mist

48020 Spectrum Mist

Spectrum Sailor

48021 Spectrum Sailor

Spectrum Cilantro

48022 Spectrum Cilantro

Spectrum Kiwi

48023 Spectrum Kiwi

Spectrum Daffodil

48024 Spectrum Daffodil

Spectrum Dijon

48025 Spectrum Dijon

Spectrum Cayenne

48026 Spectrum Cayenne

Spectrum Grenadin

48027 Spectrum Grenadin

Spectrum Sierra

48028 Spectrum Sierra

Spectrum Coffee

48029 Spectrum Coffee

Spectrum Graphite

48030 Spectrum Graphite

Spectrum Mushroom

48031 Spectrum Mushroom

Spectrum Dove

48032 Spectrum Dove


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