About Sunbrella® Outdoor Furniture Fabrics

Sunbrella® fabrics are manufactured by Glen Raven, Inc. headquartered in Glen Raven, North Carolina. Sunbrella® is the result of over 45 years of ongoing research and development. Sunbrella's UV-resistant color pigments are fully blended into its high performance fiber. Sunbrella® fabric's strength and color refuses to fade even under the harshest conditions, while retaining the softness of spun cotton. Sunbrella® furniture fabrics are designed to be breathable and water repellent. They do not absorb water and are designed to air-dry very quickly - usually within a matter of minutes.

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Navigation Marine

1354-0001 Navigation Marine

Beachcomber Parchment

1357-0000 Beachcomber Parchment

Beachcomber Dune

1357-0001 Beachcomber Dune

Beachcomber Nugget

1357-0002 Beachcomber Nugget

Simone Landscape

42025-0002 Simone Landscape

Simone Flame

42025-0003 Simone Flame

Reel Slate

42025-0005 Simone Rocco

Simone Mahogany

42025-0008 Simone Mahogany

Simone Barley

42025-0009 Simone Barley

Charisma Dusk

42051 Charisma Dusk

Tex Barley

44049-0008 Tex Barley

Tex Granite

44049-0009 Tex Granite

Tex Reef

44049-0012 Tex Reef

Tex Lagoon

44049-0013 Tex Lagoon

Tex Palm

44049-0014 Tex Palm

Tex Nautical

44049-0015 Tex Nautical

Posh Parchment

44157-0000 Posh Parchment

Posh Lime

44157-0002 Posh Lime

Posh Persimmon

44157-0003 Posh Persimmon

Posh Oat

44157-0004 Posh Oat

Posh Acorn

44157-0005 Posh Acorn

Villette Rococco

45155-0004 Villette Rococco

Cheetah Safari

45336 Cheetah Safari

Nile Jungle

45349-0000 Nile Jungle

Nile Cocoa

45349-0001 Nile Cocoa

Nile Fossil

45349-0002 Nile Fossil

Bangladesh Strtsph

45353-0000 Bangladesh Strtsph

Bangladesh Dune

45353-0004 Bangladesh Dune

Lanai Lagoon

45412-0001 Lanai Lagoon

Lanai Teak

45412-0004 Lanai Teak

Lanai Forest

45412-0005 Lanai Forest

Grove Oat

45415-0000 Grove Oat

Grove Wren

45415-0001 Grove Wren

Leonardo Pecan

45419-0000 Leonardo Pecan

Leonardo Clay

45419-0001 Leonardo Clay

Leonardo Mocha

45419-0005 Leonardo Mocha

Bukhara Russet

45534 Bukhara Russet

Allure Dusk

45543 Allure Dusk

Splendor Fiesta

45584-0002 Splendor Fiesta

Renewal Linden

45585 Renewal Linden

Royce Garden

45626-0001 Royce Garden

Aries Spring

45629 Aries Spring

Luxe Indigo

45690-0000 Luxe Indigo

Aura Honey

45707-0002 Aura Honey

Tango Mink

45713-0003 Tango Mink

Elegant Marble

45746-0001 Elegant Marble

Toletta Baltic

45760-0002 Toletta Baltic

Hoopla Kiwi

46008-0005 Hoopla Kiwi

Hoopla Cocoa

46008-0012 Hoopla Cocoa

Hoopla Nugget

46008-0016 Hoopla Nugget

Hoopla Bluehaze

46008-0019 Hoopla Bluehaze

Palace Fiesta

46028-0000 Palace Fiesta

Palace Stone

46028-0007 Palace Stone

Plush Oatmeal

70011-0000 Plush Oatmeal

Plush Maize

70011-0001 Plush Maize

Plush Earth

70011-0002 Plush Earth

Plush Sable

70011-0005 Plush Sable

Plush Spa

70011-0006 Plush Spa

Plush Patina

70011-0007 Plush Patina

Plush Wren

70011-0008 Plush Wren


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